Using step2 to control maxpos slave

  • I make a simple explanation about the control scence:

    The control signal comes from a joint (0 to 360°) of the Control hand, The Control PC will collecting the joint angle,and  sending  the  control commands to step2.

    The STEP2 part has been automatically generated using the NRMKEtherCAT Configuration Tool.

    MAXPOS servo drives provide complete DC functions, and It enables synchronized communication across slaves based on one reference clock. The cycle period is setting to 1ms. So The communication cycle between the controller and the driver is 1ms. And The drive position loop cycle is 1ms. It’s right? 

     I will send a new position from control PC each 1ms. Do I need to do interpolation processing? 

    Can you some advice to improving:

    1.How to avoid the frustration of the motor, the rotation is not smooth, and the discontinuity.

    2.How to achieve high real-time operation?


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