Make a communicate with using STEP3 as the EtherCAT master

  • Hello,By reading our company's product information, I have some basic understanding and simply make a communication feedback:

    1. My basic application requirements is using STEP3 as the EtherCAT master station, the drive slave station is the maxon brand motor (MaxPos 50/5 driver, RE series motor, photoelectric encoder), 14 axes, Can you helping to checking whether there is Similar cases.If you can give me a technical introduction to the controller development platform, It would be better.

    2. I want to know which products I need to buy to support my project. If you want to control the EtherCAT master station, the first thing we need to buying is the STEP3 controller. The master station code uses the open source Etherlab (this should be free of charge), and  maybe need  the robot software IndyFramework that provides some optimizations and libraries. Is it like this? Is there any other supplement?

    3. If it can meet the requirements of my project, quote me a price, I first look at the budget.

    Thank you!

  • Hello Tian

    1. Your target system (14 Maxon slaves) is possible using both STEP2 and STEP3. Please check this link, step-by-step tutorial is provided. If you have some problems to configure system interface, I will help you

    2. I think STEP2 is enough for your system. You don't need IndyFramework which is for the robot control framework and SDK. When you buy STEP2 or STEP3, PlatformSDK will be provided by free.

    3. Our sales team will give you a quotation. 

  • This post is deleted!

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